What Your Lipstick Says About You

The average woman is carrying around 5 shades of lipstick!  We change our lipstick most often to fit the mood we are in, it’s been proven that applying a bold shade oflipstick can even lift our mood and make us feel more confident.  But what is the shade we choose saying about our personality to others?

Classic Red – Red is a sign of a confident woman.  Red lipstick signifies success in ones career.  It’s a bold statement saying, “look at me”!  A woman who wears a bold shade of red is seen as a one who likes to be the center of attention.  This woman may still be looking for something… or someone.

Burgundy / Deep Red – This woman is seen as fashionable and in-control.  Men are intrigued by a woman in this color as she is seen as a challenge.  She appears powerful and sexy, while to some women she may seem unapproachable.

Shade of Orange – Fun, spunky, and the life of the party are definitions for a woman wearing orange lipstick.  She is seen as being full of fire and ambition.  This color of lipstick makes a statement that you are not held by traditional rules of beauty.  You’re a risk taker and thrill seeker.

Coral / Light Pink – A woman in soft shades of pink is seen as feminine.  She is also seen as happy and content with a good love life.  This look has a touch of class; it says you are calm and collected.  This is the girly-girl color of lipstick signifying you have many girlfriends and like to spend time shopping and spending quality time with those close to you.  When men see this shade, they see a cute girl that is probably already taken.

Bright Pink – This is the true color of a flirt.  It’s a kiss on the cheek that will leave a man wanting more.  Women wearing this color are seen as happy, flirty and adventurous.  They may listen to rock and roll or punk music and have a job that enables them to use their creativity.  A woman wearing bright pink thinks outside the box.  She loves to be different and feminine.

Neutral / Sheer – Here’s to the less is more mentality; to the woman who is more concerned with the person she is on the inside, than what she wears on the outside.  A woman wearing a sheer colored gloss is thought to be soft spoken, intelligent, and nurturing.  Study’s find this is men’s least favorite shade, while on the other hand, woman associate this shade with contentment and stability.

Here’s the best part, we are women!  None of us can be narrowed down to just one of these personality types.  One moment we want to command attention as we present a new idea at the office, or bat our eyes at a handsome stranger.  Moments later we may be out shopping with our children and want to appear soft and feminine…  and so goes our love for lipstick!  Lipstick is the fastest and most affordable way to change our image, our mood and our outlook.  So have some fun and don’t be afraid to be bold!

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